Recommendations for safe operation of household boilers

Half of the heating season has already passed, unstable outdoor temperatures are still observed, and in order to avoid problems with heating at this time, it is necessary to take care of the safe operation of boilers in advance.

If the security situation in departmental boilers is satisfactory, then when operating household boilers in private households, the safety requirements are often violated. As a result, every year there are incidents with boiler explosions and confirmation of the danger to life and health of people.

Analysis of such incidents shows that the main number of emergencies related to explosions of household boilers falls at the beginning of the heating season. The fact is that this period is characterized by a positive air temperature in the daytime, at night the thermometer drops below zero, which leads to freezing of pipelines and expansion tanks with the cessation of water circulation. In this case, when the fuel is burning inside the boiler, the water boils, accompanied by an increase in pressure.gorenjeski. When the critical pressure is reached, the boilers are destroyed. As a result of the release of a large volume of steam and steam-water mixture from the damaged boiler, there is an increase in pressure inside the room and, as a result, partial or complete destruction of the building, and people who are in it receive burns and injuries.

Therefore, owners of household boilers need to clean the surfaces inside the boiler and flues from soot before the start of the heating period, if necessary, perform their repairs; conduct an audit or replace them with serviceable shut-off and safety valves; make sure that the boiler and the heating system are sealed, since the heating system usually freezes in attics and unheated rooms. It is useful to heat-insulate the pipelines and expansion tank located there.

You do not need to ignore the rules for kindling the boiler. First, make sure that the shut-off valves on the supply and return pipelines are open and the heating system is air-conditioned.

And, most importantly, in no case do not use homemade boilers that are not equipped with safety automation and control and measurement devices. Do not risk the life and health of people close to you.

All these measures will significantly reduce the risks in the operation of domestic hot water boilers and save lives and health of people.

Leading state inspector Kazimirsky O. S., chief state inspector Pavlyuchenko V. V.